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WE DRY ASAP is a full service structural drying firm specializing in the Restorative Drying Method for water damage, water restoration and water extraction. The Restorative Drying Method causes the least disruption to your life or business AND decreases the drying time by up to 60%! With the Restorative Drying Method you can be back up and running days sooner than with traditional drying methods many companies use.

Quick drying time is critical – mold growth begins in as little as 48 hours in damp conditions. And a fast drying time means less replacement and repairs so you can be back to normal ASAP. Using the newest equipment we quickly extract the water and begin aggressively drying your flooring, walls and property.

The Restorative Drying Method uses commercial, high-capacity equipment to rapidly increase evaporation. This rapid evaporation is accomplished by directing heat to wet materials there-by promoting faster evaporation. As evaporation begins the warm water laden air begins to accumulate which is a potential for secondary damage. Thermostatically controlled evacuation fans are vented to the outside when needed, and industrial dehumidifiers finish removing the water from your home or business.

WE DRY ASAP’s fast Restorative Drying Method can stop mold growth before it begins!